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Those symptoms sound like lyme, but I highly doubt that you have it. From my experience, which I only have been battling this for 3 years, my symptoms progressively got worse. It all started with numbness and tingling in my upper and lower extremities. I didnít think much of it, and figured it would go away but after a month I went to the doctors to get it looked at. As the years progressed so did my symptoms. There was a point where I ran a 104 fever for 2 days and my body temperature hasnít returned to normal. Now my normal temp. is around 99.5 to 99.8. I also lost my vision, went from 20/20 to wearing bi-focals, like you said the pressure in my head, ringing in my ears, drowsy, dizziness, vertigo, neurological and muscular pain, extreme stiffness in my neck, if I look downward with my head it feels like someone is pulling on the lower part of my spine upward with a string, feels like my whole body is swelled especially my knees and my elbows which are always hot to the touch. All these symptoms I have progressively gotten worse over the course of 3 years, which in your case itís been over 20 for you. I also listened to a segment I found about lyme disease and the guy suffered for 5 years and was in an assistant living home! This was back in 1990 when the knowledge of lyme wasnít well known. He went on to say that he couldn't drive, his motor skills were really bad, couldn't talk, and a multiple of other symptoms. He went on to become a specialist on it and said that everyone he met, when he was suffering, with the severity of his symptoms have died. The segment I listened was broadcasted on. "Coast to Coast AM" the host is George Noory, the gentleman he had on the show who was infected is named "Tom Grier" and it aired September 14 2011. I would highly recommend everyone who is curious or is suffering from lyme disease to listen to this. It is very informant. Now back to what I was saying. From my stand point I donít believe you have lymes, but I donít have a PHD so I just recommend that you get tested for it just so you can rule it out. Hope I was some help on this. Good luck!

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