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I need help!!!
May 13, 2012
Hello everyone. I am new to lyme and really would appreciate your input in helping me sort through this. This is going to be a long post but please bear with me. I need your opinion. I visited Long Island, New York four years ago in 2008. About two months later, my gyn told me I had BV and an abnormal pap test. Gave me metro gel which didn't clear it up completely and months later I needed another script of metro gel. That seemed to clear it up. Then in 2009 I started to have some very weird muscular / bone tightness in the right side of rib cage and nausea. A sonogram revealed a small polyp in gallbladder. Muscular / bone tightness persisted and I would go to chiro very often (2 x a week for this) Finally he took an xray and say to my thoracic spine was curved almost like scoliosis. But I continued to feel a weird sensation in my rib cage and sometimes my neck. It was like my whole body from neck to lumbar was out of alignment and pulling in different directions and creating strange sensations in my body. In Feburary, 2010 removed my gallbladder. Nausea went away and so did the odd feeling in my right side. But I continued to have an out of alignment feeling from neck to lumbar that my chiro adjustments did not correct. As time passed, there was always a tired feeling and by 7:00 or 8:00 I would be in bed, not sleeping but in bed because I felt tired and drained. I would usually fall asleep around 10:00 and sleep until 7:00 am. February of this year though all of a sudden I started to feel weakness in both my arms and legs and pain in my neck and back of head. Also a sense of disbalance. And extremely anxious. Since then, I have felt numbness in various parts of my body (arms, legs, face), nerve type pain in my leg that runs to underneath my feet, cannot sleep through the night, lost 20 lbs, lots of blurry vision and eye floaters and funny colored spots, popping jaw, tight throat, and a feeling to lie down a lot. My igm / igg western blot came back negative but reactive for igm band 23. I am not on any treatment as my doctor is still running tests. My brain mri came back with two cysts (a pineal cyst and an arachnoid cyst in pituitary). I feel so helpless because no one seems to know much about lyme here (i live in the caribbean) and those that know what it is are misinformed. I am so terrified and I don't know what direction to take. My crp, sed rate, and ana are normal. In fact all my blood work comes back normal except for cbc which shows anemia. My doctor has treated a few lyme patients but they are not treating me until they see it in black and white on test results. I sent to Igenex for a kit and will be sending that off shortly. In the meantime, I have questions.

I have heard that lyme can cause blood clots. Is there something I could take to prevent this naturally?

Has anyone else tested reactive for FTA - ABS (a blood test for syphillis)? I did twice. Don't ever recall having syphillis but did read that lyme patients test false positive on the FTA-ABS. Wondered if anyone else here has.

I went to see a naturopathic doctor yesterday and by looking at my blood sample he could tell me everything I was feeling. He also said that I had inflammation, my blood was thick, and that I had bacteria in my blood. He suggested I uses alfalfa tea, hyssop tea, vitamin e, magnesium, b12, another product that gives oxygen to cells. I don't know if I should because he did not know anything about lyme.

I am really terrified of needles and it seems like there are a whole lot of needles with lyme (from picc lines for iv meds) I also have a very sensitive stomach for foods and meds alike. I don't know if I can cope with this illness. And I realize that I sound like a big baby right now. I am sobbing as a type this and really feel like I have no way out. People don't seem to understand why I am so terrified about this. So I thought I would turn to this board in hopes that someone will understand me. I am just starting out and seem to be giving up already. I am very depressed.

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