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Hi everyone, so i am trying to determine if this could possibly be lyme. i am scheduled to see a llmd in august. but to begin with everything that has been going on and that ive been going through ill start off saying that whatever this mystery illness is, it is scary.

anyways in june of 2011 i woke up one morning with extreme flu like symptoms and a fever, shortly after rising in the morning i started getting worse. i could not stand up, i was dizzy, nausous, weak and couldnt talk so by then i ended up going to the ER. i was given an iv and some unkown antibiotic only because i dont remember. i was sent home two days later saying all my test came back negative and that i was perfectly fine and as a precaution they just sent me home with some meds thinking that i may have had some stomach bug. well i began feeling a bit better but two weeks later i woke up in the middle of the night with a severe migraine then the next thing i know is that my face went numb, spinal column was hurting and i began shaking so at that time i was once again rushed to the ER where i was told i experienced a absence seizure. well from that day on for the next few months i experienced fatigue, exhaustion, dizzyness, weakness, heart palpitations, migraines, body aches, loss of appetit, senstivity to sound and light, sleep disturbance, internal tremmors, nervous system disorder, brain fog, anxiety. The bill began accumuulating as i started seeing drs up and down california just to hear that all my test were negative. now as of today though some symptoms have gone away but alot of em hasnt. on a daily basis now i experience chronic migraines and body arthritis like aches, sleep disturbances because i can no longer sleep, internal tremmors, heart problems, shortness of breath as if im asthmatic all of a sudden and a few more. from the first time i saw the dr till now my hemoglobin levels have dropped below normal, my RBC dropped below normal as well as my vitamin b12, and my calcium deposit has increased. just recently my blood test came back with bands 18 and 41 reactive on a IgG test and band 23 41 on IGM and still my local doctors dont think i have lyme. so i guess what i am saying or asking is what are all of your thoughts and experiences like and do any of you share the same symptoms as i do? any and all imput is greatly appreciated as this unknow illness that has disable me and taken my life away from me is very frusterating and scary because i went from being a fit athletic active person to someone who can not even go on brisk walks for twenty minutes without any of my symptoms flaring up even more than what it already is.


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