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Hi everyone, I've been treated for 35 days with DOXY for possible tick disease, tested after treated, for all tick diseases that are prevalent in Arkansas, including Lyme. I was negative for all, and only showed band 41 on Western Blot. I lived on the edge of the national Forest in Mountain View Arkansas and out of the 5 people on my road 4 were infected. 2 with RMSF, and 2 with Erliciosis, needless to say they are all on disability. Very sad. I was on crutches for a month and was struggling through nursing school while I was being treated. I do not know if I really have Lyme, but I lived in N. California years ago and have had trouble with knees, etc. ever since that time. I am tired of getting twitches,fatigue , walking issues, headaches, neckaches, the list goes on, and I want to know why my tests were negative when it seemed so obvious to the Doctors that I was infected with a tick born disease.I will go through IGENEX, when I have more money. What tests would anyone suggest for Lyme. I already had Western Blot. Do you think I am barking up the wrong tree or not? I need to find a LLMD near New ORleans, Arkansas, or Ms. Gulf Coast. I am still so sick, even after treatment. I can walk and than not walk. I can have twitches that come and go. Help please.

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