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I live in TN on the Cumberland Plateau and ticks are common. It is a constant battle removing them from my dog. (I am now trying a new repellant that seems to be working). About a month ago I had to remove two ticks from myself. The bite site was very itchy but no bullseye rash developed. I am used to getting ticks because I garden, fish, and do outdoors stuff. About three weeks ago my joint pain due to arthritis became very severe with no relief. I began having problems sleeping. In the past week or ten days I am fatigued for no reason. Yesterday I slept all night and slept another three hours during the day.
Today pretty much the same thing. I called my MD's office and they scheduled me for a Lyme Disease test. They didn't say a thing about seeing the doctor. Just come in Tuesday for a blood test.

I know that ticks can cause other diseases and infection besides Lyme's. Is it normal to have a Lyme Disease test before seeing a doctor or considering other possibilities?

Thanks, comments appreciated.

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