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Never did I expect to be asking questions on this board again :(

I had lyme disease 5 years ago that was undiagnosed for months. Ended up being treated for 2 years with meds and herbs, 2 PICC lines and had been symptom free for 3 years this past June. I have some permanent joint damage in my right knee and will sometimes get head shakes when extremely stressed but other than that have been great.

Under a lot of stress lately with completeing school, being a single mom and then my oldest was just married Memorial Weekend.

Last Monday after showering I found a tick embedded in my side. It came out fairly easy but was the size of a sesame seed. I immediately called my current doctor who is familiar with my past and told him and request meds. He put me on doxy but of course, 100 mg twice a day which is not enough. I bagged and tick and it was sent of for testing. Suppose to be back this week.

I was feeling great but then Saturday night out of no where suddenly felt ill, like a truck had hit me and just sick. I went to bed but kept waking up with pain everywhere. Just everything hurt. Yesterday I went to urgent care and explained what had happened and asked for more meds. The doctor listened and gave me Biaxim, 500 mg twice a day to go with the doxy. I slept most of the day and then last night. Today is a repeat, dont hurt as much but sore, feel very tired, extreme headache, no fever though. And very irratable. Not sure if it is just because I do not feel good but it is causing me so much anxiety.

How soon after being bit did anyone get symptoms? I am not having a good feeling about this, just wanted to wait for the results. So happy that I actually found a bite this time and was able to send it off.

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