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Re: Help Please
Jun 12, 2012
[QUOTE=ltommo;4997401]Its lunchtime and my head is still clear..:)
I have been sick for 10 years the last year seriously and some days do not make it out of i have taken the kids to the park for the first time in months i could honestly cry.. [/QUOTE]

Wonderful to hear!

I was misdiagnosed for about 14 years. I didn't learn about S/C until 3 years after this, with testing and correct diagnosis. By that time I was barely functioning - bed bound or using a cane to get around. Every system of my body was malfunctioning. It took me about 5 years on S/C (probably delayed because I was in a chronic state and I didn't always do it religiously by the book. One year I even, mistakenly, went off it because I was feeling so well and thought I was cured).

I now no longer test positive. This, after years of always testing positive for LD and many co-infections. Now I just do one maintenance dose every day as I feel stress can still slightly affect my immune system, but [I]nothing[/I] like before where I would "go down" for months at a time! They say once you reach a chronic stage you're never 100% home free. I'm not sure about this. The person who wrote the book you're reading thinks it's possible for even those with chronic, late-stage lyme to beat it completely with S/C. For me, the jury is still out. But S/C most definitely saved my life, that's for sure!

[B]Also wanted to mention - since you now have access to the book you also have info. about the support group for Salt/C. I would definitely make use of this![/B]


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