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Thanks, I will look into a Lyme specific Doctor. I live in Pittsburgh, PA if anyone knows of any Lyme specific doctor in the area. I am afraid he will do an IV pic line, but that would be better than Lymes, i suppose.
The symptoms seem worse this morning. it seems like the doxy is no longer killing the lymes. I was/am doing some alternatives like colloidal silver, herbal samento/banderol tinctures, sarsaparilla root. i was feeling nauseaus yesterday and the MD/ND i see said maybe there was a rxn between the antibiotic and the herbals. i just thought it was a reaction the doxy.
i read a little about the salt/C but only in posts. [B]what is the main post for the salt/C regimen?[/B]
Also, i am really looking at a product called MMS.. miracle mineral supplement. chlorine dioxide.. i have read alot about MMS on the net over the last several days and it seems good to try. [B]do you have any experience with MMS and lymes?[/B]

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