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i have been diagnosed with a case of Lyme disease. i guess i had it for about 10 weeks before i got the prognosis. quest diagnostics western bot test showed had multiple reactives so no question.
[B]Been on a 3 wk course of Doxycyclene for 2 weeks now.[/B]
i had really bad aches in my legs at night while i was sleeping. getting up in the middle of the night take a hot bath to work it out. it would take me an hour to work it out when i got up in the morning to where i could move around. and movement (and morning coffee) helped.
also had some numbness, tightness in my jaw, and felt like there was some neurological stuff going on.
[B]My question is what i experience below normal?[/B]
the first 4-5 days on the doxy i started to feel pretty good. i felt like working outside, then it leveled off and now, days 12-14, yesterday, i had some swollen glands in my neck and today i feel kind of nausea, tired, brain fog, weak, blah.. i think it might be side effects from the doxy? or is the lymes developing resistance to the doxy?
And NOW occasionally get up or bend down, or use some set of muscles. i get a sharp burning pain in one local small spot of a muscle. like i had one for a while in my calf today. and then this evening i had one in my muscle on my rib cage, but only when i am using that muscle, as soon as i relax it, pain is gone..I wonder if that is a round body lyme cyst formed there???. i have been on doxy for nearly 15 days, all of the old muscle pains have been gone for 10-12 days.. [B]what is this new stingin burning pain in the muscle? any one know?[/B]

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