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are you on any microbial supplements?

my MD/ND is talking about lyme specific colustrum too.. worth a try.
yes, i was at the derm. when they found the tick. but i live in a rural are with cats, so i found several ticks on me. as i say, i wonder if i didnt have a coinfection prior because of a slight ache in my legs for several years as well as brain fog.

MMS is basically an alternative that uses a chemical used in water treatment tablets. you just have to google MMS to learn about it. there is so disinfo about it, but i see lots of good testimonys, i just ordered some and will be starting on it when icome off doxy in a few days. it kills microbes. it has cured malaria, and has been used literally by millions. it is used in african villages where other medicine isnt available. yes, there is disinfo about it, but i also see great testimonial on videos too. i will try it before a pic line and there are just as many if not more people out there who have been ravaged by IV abx and havent been cured of lymes. so why not try this?

also, jeni770 mentioned the salt/c regiment, it seems alot of people are having great success with that. and i would do that before a pic line also.

i tested positive with both Igg and Igc on a test from quest labs. i havent been tested for coinfections. but am considering which lab to go with for that. i dont know if quest tests for coinfections... or if they even know there are coinfections.

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