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[QUOTE=fernee;5002206]Well my tick came back positive for lyme but negative for bartonella and babesia.

Now I wonder what my chances were that it infected me. I wonder if it was actually intact long enough to pass it? I have left another message with my previous lyme doctor just in case.[/QUOTE]


Wonder why you're questioning the test. If it's positive, it's positive. Symptoms can come and change into other symptoms They can even lie dormant for a time and then reappear, sometimes with a vengeance. Also, the testing for co-infections can be tricky. With Babesia, for instance, they need to know the state in which you've contracted the infection because there are different strains. Then again, testing for LD and co's, even at Igenex, is not always definitive. Glad to hear you're seeing an LLMD soon. Let us know how it goes.


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