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Hello all,

I too have the same result, with 23, 39, and 41 positive on the IgM. The IgG only has one band positive, 39. These test results were shared with me this week and are the results of my third western blot.

I was treated with 28 days of IV antibiotics 11 months ago. The original test (ordered by a neurologist after I shared my CK level was slightly high and that my legs hurt badly, I was severely fatigued, felt horribly sick, brain was mush, couldn't remember anything, husband said I was very moody and getting angry often for no reason, etc...) last July, showed 39 and 41 positive, with no IgG positive. I had no bulls eye rash, and don't remember being bitten by a tick. I do however, live in an area with a bad tick problem, as I pull them off my dogs frequently. Yes, they take medication to prevent ticks.

A second test, just two weeks after the original, showed 39 positive, and 41 read equivocal on the IgM and a negative IgG. That physician (an Infectious Disease Doc) looked me in the eye and said "You don't have Lyme Disease and you shouldn't be taking those antibiotics. They will do more harm than good" and you should see a psychiatrist.

I remained on the antibiotics for 28 days, although the Herx reaction I had experienced lasted far longer than most people say it should. After the 28 days, I did feel better and continued to improve greatly. I was my "old" self. Then a few months ago, January - February, the symptoms I had originally were back, and worse. I am nauseous, achy, can't think straight, along with the other symptoms I had magnified.

Let's add in Type 1 Diabetes for 30 years, along with a positive ANA at 1:320 this time. It was only 1:80 before.

Why is the IgG still negative? Does this mean that my body has made no antibodies to fight the Lyme itself? Only one band, not 5 as the CDC wants?

I've read both sides of the Lyme argument. I can see both sides. I don't know what these test results mean. That I have been reinfected? Again, no tick bite and no bulls eye rash. That it is a false positive, and I never had Lyme - that it is something else? Or that one month of IV antibiotics wasn't enough, and that long term antibiotic therapy is needed to kill these little spirochetes?

What I do know, is that I am not well. It is not in my head, it is real. Each day that passes, I feel weaker, and hurt more.

My MD has turfed me to another ID doc and a rheumatologist. Yes, that means waiting and waiting to get in to see them. There are no LLMD's in my state. I am driving 500 miles in two weeks to see a LLMD, but don't know how the heck I'm going to pay for the tests, much less any treatment, as I'm sure insurance won't pay for it, as long term antibiotics aren't a recognized treatment for this illness.

So, I'm open for any information, education, or opinions as to what the heck this 3rd blood test could mean. Thanks for reading and sharing in advance.

Dazed and Confuzed
[COLOR="Purple"]Hi Dazedandconfused...welcome to the world of Lyme. Many of us that go to g.p's or infectious disease doctors we aren't going to get the right treatment.

NO 28 days on IV antibiotics is not enough. And to tell you the truth it doesn't matter that your test keeps pulling up different bands. I went through that beings I didn't know about the Lyme world yet. And after 11 years of antibiotics/supplements the last test I had through Igenex was positive. But of course not the CDC. From what I have read the CDC uses these bands to as markers. To see what strains are where. WE can not go on what they say.

Until you can get into see the LLMD, start by taking supplements that will help raise your immune system. High doses of vitamin C is good also. And you might want to look into the Salt/C protocol. Not table salt, but pure salt.

Also if you haven't read over Lyme Newbies and How to share LLD names. Those threads are above.

You are not crazy, keep taking the antibiotics if you have them. Take your test to the LLMD. They go mainly on symptoms anyway. Many of us did NOT get the Bullseye rash. And many people do not remember being bit. Nymphs are as small as the period of these sentences...who can see those...:)
Also it is not only ticks that carry diseases, it is fleas, mosquitos, knats, bed bugs ...any bug that bites that goes from host to host. Blood transfusions. and some couples say they are passing it back and forth to eachother. Makes sense beings it is in the syphlis family.

You also can try taking detox baths, 64 ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 cups Epsom Salts. Soak for 20 - 30 min. It is suppose to help draw toxins out of us and replinsh the skin with oxygen.
IF you have access to a infared might sit in it as much as you can tolerate. I do 45 minutes, but have been doing it for years now.

Drink plenty of GOOD water! It helps flush the medications and toxins out.

You have to be your own advocate. And read as much as you can. There is a lot of non truths out there about Lyme.

I truly do not see a 28 day course of antibiotics is going to cure you. Might put things into remission.

Hope you do feel better soon!


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