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I haven't been on here since early 2010. I thought that a long course of antibiotics had kicked lyme. Reinfected in mid-May. I found the tick bite. I have been so sick for the past 3 weeks. I feel like I am never going to get rid of this disease. We thought that we had our dream house in a beautiful natural area; now all I see is Lyme. The urgent care doc put me on antibiotics and actually believed me when I showed her my medical history. Luckily, she used to work with my infectious disease doc. Lyme came back positive, again, so she is trying to get me in to infectious disease. In 2010, he said that I had diseminated Neuro Lyme and wanted me to be on 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. I had a trip to Europe in my immediate plans, so I tried the 6 weeks of oral doxy. I made it to about 4 weeks when my stomach completely gave out, if you know what I mean. I know that he will want 6 weeks of IV this time around. I read a couple horror stories about pic line insertion which I now wish I never saw. Anyone out there experience the dreaded pic line? Can 6 weeks of IV kick this or do I need to find a LLD? I live in Wisconsin. Any advice is appreciated.

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