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[COLOR="Purple"]It is not totally proven, but there have been testing done on sperm and the bacteria has been found in it. Also I have talked to a few couples on this board and other places that they feel one has passed it to the other and they keep passing it back and forth.
It is said the the Borrelia Burgdoferi bacteria is in the syphilis family. And is harder to eradicate than syphilis.

You want to contact Igenex Lab, in Palo Alto Ca. You can find them from where you are sitting. And request a test kit. You can talk with someone and ask exactly what you should be tested for. There are over 300 strains, of the bacteria. So it does help if you let them know where you live, and places you have visited.
You might want to be tested for co-infections such as Babesia, Bartonella, Erichilosis, Mycoplasma Pnumoniae, Chlamydia Pnumoniae, and viruses such as Epstein Barr, Cytomeglovirus. There are other things that you could be tested for, so one of the big reasons to see a LLMD. They go mainly on clinical symptoms and not solely on a lyme test.

There is a documentary that you can either order or you can watch it on Netflix or Hulu. Called "Under Our Skin". It might help you understand a little bit of the political controversary surrounding Lyme and all of this mess.

There is also a book you might want to read, Lab 257, it is about the happenings on Plum Island.
That will help you understand some of it too.

Not many Lyme docs out there. They are constantly being harrased for long term antibiotics.
You'll understand more as you get further into finding help and reading. :)

I wish you luck on finding the right treatment for what ever ailes you and your son.

I am glad to hear your doctor is on board with all of this. Many aren't. Remember NO infectious disease docs. Many are not lyme literate and will only delay the treatment you need. (If you have lyme).

Lyme can mimic 300 and more conditions. Such as alsheimers, parkinsons, ADD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart problems. on and on.
At one point I was wheelchair bound, they had to put it in my file that I was mentally off because of what I had. And NOT to send me to a mental institution. I was in ER a few times. Not a fun thing to go through. I hate seeing others go through it.
Not everyone has the same symptoms. Some have only one thing that bothers them. Others like myself have had just about all the symptoms that lyme can display.

I think that pursuing this is a good idea and get the both of you tested thru Igenex and to a LLMD.


Well... the results from IGeneX are in...

for myself:
31 kDa + (**)
41 kDa + (**)
58 kDa +

23-25 kDa IND (**)
31 kDa IND (**)
39 kDa IND (**)
41 kDa ++ (**)

for my son:
31 kDa IND (**)
41 kDa IND (**)

31 kDa IND (**)
39 kDa IND (**)
41 kDa ++ (**)

According to NY State, we're both negative in both tests. According to the Lab, I'm positive on the IgM and negative on the other one. However, there's a statement in the report that says "a single positive band or a single IND (Indeterminate) band may indicate clinical significance". We have plenty of IND! So the following questions come to mind:

1- How common are IND in these sorts of results?

2- Can the IgM results be crossed-referenced with the IgG results? I.e. both official results are from 1 IgM or IgG test... but the bands on both IgM/IgG tests line up pretty well for both of us, and between the 2 of us as well! For instance, band 41... I have IgM +, IgG ++ and my son has IgM IND, IgG ++. And for all of my son's IND, I have either an IND or a +... This can't be a coincidence!

so I'm looking for any inputs on this...

Also... I still haven't found a specialist in my area. I have written to someone from "CNY chapter of the Empire State Lyme Disease Association" and got 3 names... but they led to nowhere. So now, more than ever, I'm also looking to get some names around upstate NY... I'll travel if I need to.


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