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IGM 23 Present
Jul 23, 2012
Below are the results of my 16 year old daughters recent lyme tests. 2 years ago she received the same results, Everything Negative or Abent with the exception of the Igm 23 being present. She has all of the symptoms of Lyme and feel like the doctor is disregarding the possibility of a false Negative here. Any suggestions, ideas, input from anyone? Am I overreacting in assuming my daughter most likely has Lyme?

B.burgdorf IgG Negative

Lyme IgG p18 Absent

Lyme IgG p23 Absent

Lyme IgG p28 Absent

Lyme IgG p30 Absent

Lyme IgG p39 Absent

Lyme IgG p41 Absent

Lyme IgG p45 Absent

Lyme IgG p58 Absent

Lyme IgG p66 Absent

Lyme IgG p93 Absent

B.burdorf IgM Negative

[Lyme IgM p23 Present

Lyme IgM p39 Absent

Lyme IgM p41 Absent

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