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Thanks for your reply. I have been through it all already. I have taken cats claw, homeopathic meds. I have been on he anti-candida diet, taken anti-fungals, done the infra red sauna, I drink high ph water, i did change my diet, (I still like my vodka when I am out) I take grapefruit seed extract everyday plus a bunch of other supplements. I have done it all. Even colonics. Yuch. Never again. I have been tested for heavy medals also. I have been to many many natural drs. And many regular drs. I am now going to a new place that does skin allergy testing. They have me giving myself injections of antigens. What next!!!! Last Thursday he tested me for Lyme, I had a positive reaction. I have to go back to him and see what he is going to do. The problem is that when I was in his office, the lyme skin test did not show a reaction immediately. But he said I could have a delayed reaction. The next day the skin started to show the reaction. I called the office and they told me to come in today to have them look at it but it is now already gone. I have to call them. They might give me an antigen for Lyme. Hopefully that will help. I have Lyme symptoms but I am not near death like I read about other people having. I am functional but not the way I was before i started my illness. I also don't know if i ever really got bitten by a tick. I am wondering if it was from a mosquito. I get bitten alive every summer. I am now using a really good organic bug spray. I get it mail order. It is made from cedar wood. I swear by it. I know that you always speak about the salt C but for some reason I am afraid of all that salt. The new medical faciltliy I am going to now wants me to do vit c drips, but they want me there weekly and it is kind of far from home. So I will see. Gotta go for now. Talk later. LaLa

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