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Hi All:

My test results from Igenix were negative according to the CDC and Igenix but i have a few bands that are IND and Positive. If I were a person without any symptoms and perfectly healthy would I have anything that is positive or IND? My test results are as follows:


Band 18 positive
Band 39 IND
Band 41 Positive
Bands 83-93 IND

Bands 23 - 25 IND
Band 41 Positive
Band 58 Positive

All the rest were negative.

I have a problem with taking heavy antibiotics if I don't have Lyme because I think I am also suffering with candida and am afraid of that getting worse. I take lots of probiotics and a few other things, but I seem to be suffering with lots of intestinal problems even still.

Any opinions of my test results would be helpful. Thanks.
[COLOR="Teal"]Hi Lala, looks positive to me. And you have been displaying symptoms. The next best thing you "need" to do is see a LLMD. I only had a few bands show on my last test from Igenex and they said it was positive. Can't go by the CDC anyway. They originally used these bands for tracking.
We can't always go by what a test says, I have heard that the IND means a weak positive.

You don't have to do antibiotics. There are natural ways of trying to deal with Lyme. Such as tinctures and the Salt/C [protocol. Cats Claw and Samento. What is good for one person doesn't mean it will be good for the next person. That is all up to each individual what they want to do.

It would be wise to do a cleanse for parasites and have heavy metals checked. And of course co-infections.

Candida you can take things such as Grapefruit seed extract. 10 drops and work your way up to about 20. Put it in water.
You do not need to take diflucan and all of the prescription stuff to rid candida. Chaning our diets, cutting out alcohol, sugars and yeast helps also. From where you are sitting you can find info on Candida diets. Also there are cleanses you can get at the healthfood store. It is not only antibiotics that throw the flora off in our bodies. Any type of prescription med can do this.

We all need to detox and build our immune systems up.

Thanks for your reply. I have been through it all already. I have taken cats claw, homeopathic meds. I have been on he anti-candida diet, taken anti-fungals, done the infra red sauna, I drink high ph water, i did change my diet, (I still like my vodka when I am out) I take grapefruit seed extract everyday plus a bunch of other supplements. I have done it all. Even colonics. Yuch. Never again. I have been tested for heavy medals also. I have been to many many natural drs. And many regular drs. I am now going to a new place that does skin allergy testing. They have me giving myself injections of antigens. What next!!!! Last Thursday he tested me for Lyme, I had a positive reaction. I have to go back to him and see what he is going to do. The problem is that when I was in his office, the lyme skin test did not show a reaction immediately. But he said I could have a delayed reaction. The next day the skin started to show the reaction. I called the office and they told me to come in today to have them look at it but it is now already gone. I have to call them. They might give me an antigen for Lyme. Hopefully that will help. I have Lyme symptoms but I am not near death like I read about other people having. I am functional but not the way I was before i started my illness. I also don't know if i ever really got bitten by a tick. I am wondering if it was from a mosquito. I get bitten alive every summer. I am now using a really good organic bug spray. I get it mail order. It is made from cedar wood. I swear by it. I know that you always speak about the salt C but for some reason I am afraid of all that salt. The new medical faciltliy I am going to now wants me to do vit c drips, but they want me there weekly and it is kind of far from home. So I will see. Gotta go for now. Talk later. LaLa

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