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I live in the UK and I'm 20, I regularly run by a wood in some fields and about 3 weeks ago I realised a blotch of my skin on my calf went patchy red and was itchy.

The redness was unshaped, but after a week or so it had gone down and turned into a slightly raised red ring. Alike to the characteristic bullseye pattern of Lyme Disease.

There is a central circular red blotch with the scab which still has not healed from, presumably, the 'tick' bite. And of course, there is the slight raised red ring around the bite.

I've had this bite for now about 3 weeks with no other symptons, to my knowledge, and so I'm curious as to whether or not it is likely to be Lyme Disease.

I do not remember being bitten and never saw a tick on my calf, it is still slightly itchy from time to time.

So I was just curious if it could be anything else, I guess I want to know if it is still likely that I could have Lyme disease given that no other symptons have occured, to my knowledge, in about 3 weeks.

I will be going back to the GP in the coming days either way but always good to get a second opinion.


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