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Itchy crawly?
Aug 17, 2012
i found a lyme thread from 2006 ( Thank you people for posting so others can research years later!):angel:

to answer my question about feeling itchy, like i am being bit my a mosquito or a flea and there is nothing there.

woke up this morning and lazyed around, ( my way of saying i was too tired and in pain to get up! sounds like a princess instead of being disabled!)

and itch was just a bit bothersome, and figured i would change the sheets, clean etc because our cat has fleas..

went to town and it was getting worse and i was in my car and no bugs on me.

not the's me!

i showered and put on lotion.

what the heck?

could be due to anxiety, the spirochetes,

no rash, anoying to keep swating and looking for something there it is driving me nuts...

then on the menopause board they wee saying that it happens to woman for years! IDK

i am going to take my vitamins now....

this was good info from member "chocolate sprinkles" i get the same headache but mostly behind my right eye

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