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band 18 highly specific for lyme...many will say that this band alone is a positive for lyme

band 41 flagellan protein of all spirochetes

band 45 cross reactive for all borrellia

band 58 unknown..possibly heat shock Bb protein

I just quickly went through a site I found but maybe take some time and look it up, and read about it. hope this helps.

I think the infectious disease doc rule it out for this:

CDC criteria for IgM : 2 of the following 3 bands have to be positive

ospc(22-25),39,41 (your 39 and 41 and IND=indeterminante I read that means there are antibodies present but just not enough to be a solid (+)

CDC criteria for IgG 5 of the following bands have to be positive 18, ospc(22-25) 28 30 39 41 45 58 66 93

IgM means more recent and current infection
IgG means previous exposure to bacteria or older infection

Igenex criteria for IgGand IgM testing using western blot
positive if 2 or more bands are positive ospc(23-25) 31 34 39 41 83-93

I hope I didn't confuse you
Hi, I'm new to this board, suffering with lyme almost 10 years, most likely misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia for 9 years.

Anyway, I wish I would have seen this article even a year ago, but it confirmed for me that I most likely had lyme all along, back in 2007, I only ever tested positive for band 58 I did not test pos on any other band. This article is from 2010.

I was always told band 58 is not specific to lyme but it IS specific. it's a heat shock protein to BB , how would it not be? and yet this is the only article I found that is the most reliable.

If one uses an expanded Western blot with revised requirement criteria for diagnosis, studies have demonstrated an improved sensitivity of detection and a low false-positive rate.

Revised Criteria with Western Blot
1. IGG WB: 2 specific band criteria has demonstrated improved sensitivity and maintained specificity

2.[B] Can diagnose Lyme if any one band (IgG or IgM) of 18, 23, 28, 39 or 58 kDa or if any 2 or more of the following bands are present; 30, 45,41 and 93 [/B]

3. If negative or require further confirmation, can obtain IGENEX WB (adds specific bands of 31, 34 an 83, which are typically seen in chronic disease)

4. Positive if any one band of 18, 23, 28,31,34, 39, 58 or 83

5. If positive for Borrelia on any test, consider testing for neurotoxins

6. Consider testing for co-infections (discussed below)

7. Check for coagulation defect (See Hypercoaguable State in CFS and FM)

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