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I'm Beth 33 yo mother of 2. I've been throught the ringer for the past year, so I will start at the begining of all this nonsense. Last year in June, I found a deer tick on my inner thigh (I live in ocean county NJ, high occurance of lyme). I removed the tick, cleaned the area and kept an eye on it. Couple days later it became very red and itchy, and the area increased in size. Went to my GP and she ran a plethora of labs including WB. Results came back IgG negative 0 positive bands, IgM 23 Ab positive. My doc didn't want to take any chances and prescribed doxycycline. I completed the cycle of antibiotics and felt ok (although I felt extremely terrible while taking them).

March 2012. Back to my GP for increase of frequency and severity of migrane headaches, fatigue, blepharospasm, joint pain, weakness in arms, legs, heart palatations, anxiety ect. Reffered to a neurologist. MRI revealed a small lesion near the basal ganglia. Follow up mri to be preformed November 2012. Prescribed nadolol 20 mg a day to prevent migrains (and it is working).

July 2012. (Bitten again by another deer tick July 2) Back to GP. Trouble swallowing, feeling a lump in throat for 2 weeks. Irregular menstral periods for 3 months. Chronic constipation, unexplained weight gain. Fatigue, cold blue hands and feet, anxiety, eye spasms getting worse since March, body aches, hair loss, pain ringing clicking in ears. visual disturbances, back pain. Thyroid enlargement. Thyroid ultrasound and more labs including WB. U/S report : Diffusely enlarged thryroid, heterogenous echotexture. Enlarged isthmus. 2 CM dominant moderately vascular nodule in right midpole. Suggest Fine Needle Aspiration cytology.

August 2012: FNA Complete. Paucicellular sample, inconclusive. (thyroid panel normal). Repeat U/S and FNA January 2013.
Labs WB: IgG no banding present. IgM: IgM P41 Ab present Abnormal. IgM P23 Ab Present Abnormal. Lyme IgM WB Interp. Positive Abnormal.

September 2012: Trip to ENT surgeon for laryngoscopy (dysphagia) and to schedule FNA. I now Have GERD as well.
GP: 9/17/2012 Double ear infection. ENT suggested treatment for lyme. GP wants me consult with an Ifectious disease specialist. Unsure if I have lyme because IgG was negative and IgM was positive. ( possible autoimmune disorder?)

At this point I just want to cry all the time. I don't know what is happening to me, I was always pretty healthy never took medications. Now I feel like crap all the time. Am taking beta blockers, nexium, antinflamatory drugs, and anti anxiety meds. I don't know if I have lyme, lupus, MS, and now thyroid cancer. Maybe It's a combination of things. Can you have lyme if the IgG is negative and IgM is positive? I tried making appointments with LLMD's in my area and they do not take insurance. They also want payment at time of appointment, and I do not have that kind of money. Can anyone please help me?

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