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Is it possible to have RMSF and show NO symptoms? Sounds like a very serious disease - most people with it become ill within 2 weeks of infection... Another website states "RMPF almost always results in hospitalization..." I never had any rash, high fever, chills, severe headache, etc.

I was just diagnosed with Lyme, RMSF, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma. I think I was bitten about 6 years ago... it started off with some weird neuro symptoms in 2006 and I have some other mild things going on as well ...But luckily, nothing that prevents me from living a fairly normal life (work full time, perform daily activities, work out occasionally, etc). I'm not very shocked by the results except for the RMSF...

I'm just perplexed and would love some input. Thanks in advance!

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