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Fortunately things have moved very quickly for me and feel very blessed. Had posted back on 9-8 of weird symptoms was able to find LLD but could not get in until end of January 2013. By the grace of god received a call one week later and was advised there was a cancellation if i could make it the next morning. Made several hour drive to LLD and learned all kinds of info on Lyme was never aware of. Had already had blood work done 10 days before for Igenex testing prior to going to LLD. My Igenex came back as follows. IGM Igenex Positive CDC negative band 31kda ++ 34kDa++ 41kDa++. IGG Igenex negative CDC negative band 18kDa+ 34kDa IND 39kDa IND 41kDa++ 58kDa+. also tested positive for strep, and staph in nasal passage however would have to retest strep in 2-4 months to determine if was transient or chronic. Have started Ceftin 500MG x 2 daily along with vit supplements D and Mag and was prescribed the b-12 shots although dont really notice much difference in energy levels. Also taking 2 spoonfuls of cocounut oil a day as well. Been on abx about 10 days now still use one dose of lauricidin a day but no major herxing feel a lot more tired and brain fog feels a lot thicker but no other major troubles than before Is there any tricks or tips for the brain fog cause it is starting to drive me crazy. I feel so thankful that i dont have any of the worse symptoms i could have but is so hard to make it through the day when you feel like your in a trance and exhausted all the time. I went to chiropractor today and did detox ionic foot bath and was told that there were parasites in it which i researched is not uncommon but i had done detoxes before as early as 2 weeks ago and they were never parasites before. I have learned so much in the last week about this but unfortunately see that it is going to be a long road ahead. With these bands being positive i am praying this is going in the right direction and i dont have something else in the back of my mind. So new to all of this just was wanting some feedback from anyone that has fought this battle and is more knowledgable like how often should i detox, how much probiotics should i take, how do you get rid of the parasites. BTW have gone to a gluten free wheat free sugar free dairy free fun free diet has made a little difference but i understand nothing changes overnight with this. Any help would be appreciated or if anyone thinks this could be some other virus any input would help. Once again the LLD feels it is a tick borne illness thought he was great and very diverse in his field but oh so many of us have seen so many doctors i feel it leaves room for doubt and this is not a black and white cut and dry sickness by any means just trying to soak this all in and learn as much as possible to head down the road to recovery and try to benefit from other peoples knowledge as best as possible.

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