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My four year old daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease recently after having both her first Lyme & Western Blot test come back positive. Her Lyme diagnosis came after she was waking in the middle of the night frequently for a few days and complaining of leg pains. I brought her to the doctor and it was discovered that the pain was actually associated with her hip and not the leg. She walks with what I call a hip swag and has been put on amoxicillin 3x a day for 21 days. The doctor told us that because her pain was in a large joint the Lyme Disease was most likely in a later stage then early.

I asked for what strands were positive and I think he thought I was nuts because he said "I've never had someone ask for the numbers" :\ Anyways this is what he told me, I have not seen the actual report although I will request it. But he gave me the "numbers"..



Does this mean all these strands were positive?? Don't really understand the Western Blot nor the disease all that much. I hate seeing my daughter like this and I'm hopeful that it will clear up after the antibiotics. Any info would be appreciated :) Thanks!
[QUOTE=Mamaof2little1s;5075517]Thank You so much for your response :)

To be honest I am not sure where the test was sent or what lab performed it. I am going to ask for a copy of it for sure. I believe they give mainly children under 8 yrs amoxicillin as the antibiotic because doxicyciline is to strong for them.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Igenex tests have minus and plus marks on them next to each code. They also have positive or negative diagnosis for Igenex and CDC. I don't see any of this on your test.[/COLOR]

Since she has been on it it which has only been 3 days she is able to sleep comfortably now at night but it may be because of the children's ibuprofen that I was administering at the same time. I am going to stop that and only give her the amoxicillin and see if that is what is truly working and not the latter. My daughter definitely has the "hip swag" walk still going on but seems to be able to put pressure now on that leg when walking.

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Glad to hear that abx is working for her![/COLOR]

She didn't have the bullseye rash, headaches (that I know of), or fatigue really. The manifestation really only began in pain/aches in her leg which now the Dr says is in fact her hip not the leg. She did tell me a few times it felt like she had bugs in her legs (tingling??). I don't know, I thought a diagnosis of Lyme would make me feel a little better so at least we knew what the problem was, but now I feel like I am back at square one :\

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Most people don't get the bulls eye rash. Symptoms of lyme vary widely. This is why an LLMD is necessary to [I]properly[/I] diagnose and treat. Again, all the very best with this. Jen [/COLOR]

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