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Hello everyone,

In the fall of 2011, I came down with what felt like the flu, my flu eventually went away but I was left with a tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue, and intermittent joint pain that jumps from one side to the other (wrists). Flash forward to winter I began to come down with a sore throat with pus, my lymph nodes were swollen (back of neck and throat) and had malaise. I all went downhill from there. During that period, my symptoms mutated into:
-SEVERE derealization
-Horrible chest pains
-increase in eye floaters
-anxiety attacks
-ibs (mucus in stools, change in consistency)
-I had a fever that reached to at least 104F
-developped rashes on my body, an especially bad one that still keeps flaring on my face

My "strep throat" went away eventually but took 3 rounds of antibiotics. I am still feeling sick from that episode. Symptoms I now have are:

-joint pain (not only in wrists, but the knees and ankles)
-eye floaters (crystal worms and dots, even little crystal circles)
-horrendous anxiety attacks (sense of impending doom)
-increased allergies
-sore throat
-chest pain
-easy bruising
-tip of my nose will start to go numb
-hands and face will go numb for no reason
-pins and needles

The tests I have done so far are:
-4+ EKGs
-10+ CBCs
-Stool Sample
-eye exam
-Lupus ANA, Arthritis blood test.
-HIV test
-EBV test (3)
-Chest X-ray
A lot more tests have been done, it's a lot to keep track on.

I used to live in Whitby, ON where I would often be out at the lake, bike riding, sitting in the grass and going to parks. I was always outdoors. I have never seen a tick bite me. Would it be worthwhile to get an igenex test done? Or would it just be a big waste of time and money?


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