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[QUOTE=Mak071;5087148]Moomoore, I hope you get your dx soon. I am awaiting the results of my Western Blot. I am concerned that they are doing the testing thru LabCorp when I hear so many people talking about Igenex. I just want some relief so badly, I'm pretty desperate. I spend hours and hours pouring thru articles on the internet. Recently I've read about Rife machines. I'm ready to go out and buy one! I can't hold onto anything with my left hand, it's so numb. I'd give almost anything to feel my hand, arm, leg and foot again.

Annalisa, your story sounds so similar to other stories I've read about. I'm glad that you got an accurate diagnosis. Are you feeling better after a year of treatment? I didn't go to a LLMD because I didn't know any in this area.[/QUOTE]

in my opinion the big labs just arent accurate for my case i was negative from the big labs then my naturopathic dr sent my blood to igenix lab and it was positive...all im saying is if you really want to know i would suggest specialty labs that are more set up for accurate lyme tests versus the big labs....

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