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I'm looking for a LLMD in the Syracuse, NY area. I read the rules and understand that people can't post their info, only their names. Which is fine by me, I'm just looking to be pointed in the correct direction.

Found a tick in my son, removed it and the tick was sent for testing. The tick did carry lyme disease so my son's PCP called to schedule bloodwork. The bloodwork was done yesterday. I understand that it will be a few weeks before the bloodwork comes back.

My husband has also found ticks on him (2 on the same day as my son's was found) and a few in previous years. He has never been to see the MD about them. We are scheduling him an appt this week.

I had a tick a few years back, and was prescribed a dose of doxy. The tick wasn't sent to be tested and I was never tested. My son's PCP recommend I be tested as well due to my medical history. Especially being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) when I was 5. I had unexplained fevers and joint pain. The blood test back then did show I had inflamation, the doctor couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. I have spent a lot of time in Connecticut (Groton/Lyme area to be exact). I am now 31 and have had MAAANY symptoms of Lyme throughout my whole life, aches and pains, depression, fatigue, herniated disks, arthritis, and the list goes on and on.

I'd like my whole family to visit a doctor who is well versed in this debiliating disease (my father was finally diagnosed in 1996 after many years of symptoms), I still see him suffering now and I'd like to make sure that my family goes to someone very knoweldgable to make sure we take care of it properly. I have done some research since we found out about my son's tick carrying lyme and I am convinced that our PCP is doing the best they can, but I just don't feel that it is enough. HELP!

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