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[B]Hello! My daughter was first diagnosed with lyme 2 years ago. Did 3 weeks of ceftin (she was 2 years old, had the bullseye rash all over her). Last month she had a severly swollen knee, so we took her to Urgent care. From urgent care the dr said he thought it was lyme arthritis (before I said anything about Anna having Lyme disease). He sent us to the ER because he knew her knee needed fluid pulled off it, and it needed tested. So we went over to the ER, and they pulled fluid off Anna's knee, did more xrays.. We were at the hospital for almost 6 hrs. The ER dr felt it was Lyme arthritis, and because Anna's knee was full of WBC, he talked to our orthopedic dr up at our hospital and he said he felt the same, that Anna needed to be in Childrens hospital (pittsburgh). So off to childrens we go.. Anna thought that was pretty cool that she got to ride in an ambulance. We were admitted to Childrens hospital and Anna had 2 courses of iv antibiotics (1 at our hospital and one at childrens, they are good for 24 hrs?). And we were discharged with orders for 4 weeks of Ceftin. Well... the Ceftin wouldn't go down.. My husband tried it to get Anna to take it, and he said it was gritty, tutti fruity/mint flavored.. Basically nasty as heck. So we got her RX changed to Doxycycline. Anna completed the 4 week course of that with no issues (I had to be sneeky about her meds in koolaid at first, but by the end Anna would squirt the dose in her sippy cup (Spill proof cup so I knew she drank it all). We went to the Infectious Disease dr appt on Monday and I requested a print out of Anna's labs. This is what her Western Blot test said:

Lyme IgG Ab (West Blot) nPositive
Lyme IgM Ab (West Blot) Negative
18KD (Lyme) nReactive
23KD (Lyme) nReactive
28KD (Lyme) nReactive
30KD (Lyme) nReactive
39KD (Lyme) nReactive
41KD (Lyme) nReactive
45KD (Lyme) nReactive
58KD (Lyme) nReactive
66KD (Lyme) nReactive
93KD (Lyme) nReactive

23KD (IgM) nReactive
39KD (IgM) L39MQ
41KD (IgM) NL41MQ

Lyme AB Screen w/relfex WB N>5.00

Now, does the IgG mean all old infection, since she tested positive with the ELISA test back in 2010? Or does it mean Late Stage Lyme disease? And what does the L39MQ and NL41MQ mean? What does the 23KD (IgM) mean usually? I know CDC considers that test positive if you have 2/3 of the bands positive. Anna only had 1 positive.

Thanks everyone! We're new to this part of the Lyme scene. We thought our Lyme issues would be over 2 years ago....I guess not.[/B]

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