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I recently was tested for lymes disease. I have quite a few of the symptoms. My results are: the ELISSA/EIA is POSITIVE. The Western Blot reflex test say HIGH at 1.54. But then there are no "bands" present. This is weird to me. Bc with all of my symptoms and then both test say positive, but no bands, what does this mean? Has this happened to someone that has lymes disease? Or is there another reason the western blot could be high? Bc the only bands that show on my results are the ones that I guess suggest lymes. So I don't know if other bands showed up for something else. I'm just at my end with all my problems and was hoping i would finally have an answer. I am anxious to understand my results being that I don't have an appt for a while. Oh and test was done at a labcorp. Thank you!!!!!

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