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Re: Lyme and GP
Dec 23, 2012

You are seeisng a GP, not an LLMD? If correct, you really need to see a lyme specialist. The problem for many doing abx for lyme is exactly what you have described - severe and ongoing GI problems. The abx can really tear up the GI tract if you are not also doing a [I]lot[/I] of Probiotics and detoxing as well.

You might also consider combining some abx treatment with alternative therapies to kill the infection, like Buhner's herbal protocol or Salt/C, or just doing alternative for awhile. This would give your system a chance to recover. Probiotics are essential no matter what the protocol.

This is an excellent book for detoxing suggestions. Don't let the title deter:
[I]The Salt C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection[/I] by M. Fett There are other publications as well that talk about detoxing methods for Lyme.

Hope you can turn a corner soon!

Re: Lyme and GP
Dec 23, 2012
[COLOR="Teal"]Probiotics are a must ...and DETOXING the body is a huge recommendation...Many ways to detox...

The book jenn recommended has a lot of good informatiion in it.

Everyone is different when it comes to treatment. Combining both is a great idea. You definatley need to raise the immune system to fight this battle.

If you are eatting sugar and bread you will need to cut back on both. No sugar and yeast free bread. Beings it will only make the bacteria happy having these, and will help candida grow. You can get yeast free bread at the healthfood store. And STEVIA is a good replacement for sweetner.

Hope you feel better soon!


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