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Need a Lyme Literate Doctor in Miami willing to do an Igenex Western Blot test.
Been having neurological issues/ possible lyme symptoms at least 6 months.

-Electrial shocks everywhere in my sleep
-Muscles twitching and jolting everywhere (legs, stomach, lip, even one side of my tongue)
-Point pains everywhere. Legs, stomach, chest, shoulder, palm of hand. Lasts any where from a few seconds to a full day and then evaporates the next day getting replaced by something new and equally crazy.
-Numbness in two fingers and on and off in two smallest toes on one foot.
-Pain in arm that has worked its way from nuckles, to forearm, to upper arm, shoulder, now neck.
-This past week now getting a cough and flu like symptoms.

Really need help looking into this.

Doctor keeps dismissing and saying it's restless leg syndrome which i know is not true since I feel it everywhere including my tongue.

Feel like I'm going crazy. Really need help on this. Especially since many people maintain there is no Lyme in Florida (not true), but it makes it crazy hard to get diagnosed and treated here.

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