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Hey guys/gals, I am new to the forum, but have read through several other posts and find you all to very helpful and informative.
So here goes my miriad on strange symptoms that baffle my doctors, and scare the crap out of me.

I am an otherwise healthy 25 year old Paramedic. I recently got a new job and was required to get my flu shot, as well, my DTAP Vaccine was due so the doc stabbed me twice. Roughly 2-3 weeks following that vaccine, I noticed that towards the end of a CPR course that I was teaching I began developing a dry, sore throat, and very mild slurring of my speech. I thought nothing of it, as it went away within a few minutes. As a few more weeks passed I noticed the speech and dry throat would spark up again during phone conversations. I started to become concerned, but being stubborn, chalked it up to dry throat for which water did not seem to relieve...only rest and time.

Fast forward to just before Xmas, I was at work, and developed a nasty temporal pulsating headache that tylenol wouldn't touch (I can't take Ibuprofen), and over the course of about 5 days my speech got so bad that I couldn't put three words together without sounding like a I had a bunch of cotton in my mouth. I went to the ER, they sent me home after CT and bloodwork all came back normal. 2 days later, Xmas eve, I had a numbness and tingly feeling in both my arms and hands, so back to the ER. They admitted me, but did nothing more for me other than provide IV fluid and send me home after 2 days. Just before new years, boom, speech resolved, headache held on and dry mouth slowly got better...its not perfect, but its a lot better.

What I am left with now is what seems like a constant headache (3+ weeks now), intermittent dry mouth, intermittent diarrhea, and for some reason my jaw aches whenever I talk, or chew tougher foods. I have also noticed that I have a mild tremor in my jaw, comes and goes, and I feel random muscle spasms all over my body (During my slurred speech it felt like my tongue and jaw were spasming).
Also, every morning I wake up with a sore throat, and feel like I have to clear my throat frequently...with no production.

Some of the theories that have been passed around are that I picked up a virus from work following the vaccine, or that the flu shot itself caused a reaction.
I mentioned to my doctor that I had been out hunting in early October, as well as several other times throughout the year, and I know we have deer ticks, and lyme present in these areas. They have not yet tested me for it, and I feel like they will not test me, because I couldnt recall a bite, or a rash of any sort.

My only health issues are GERD, for which I take Zantac for, and a Sinus Arrhythmia. I have no coordination issues, no noticeable strength issues.

I have some theories of my own....Lyme disease, Ebstein Barre, a mild case of Guillian Barre, mysterious viral infection ie. mild encephalitis/meningitis.

Any suggestions, tips, similar stories would be appreciated. I will keep y'all posted if I find out anything :)


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