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I was diagnosed with Lymes in Oct 2012. Western Blot positive via IGenx. Took 8 months to get diagnosis.

I was very sick starting in April 2012. Extreme fatigue. Could barely get out of bed for two weeks. Headaches, body aches, dizziness, blurred vision, brain fog. Fatigue improved only slightly. The rest of my symptoms persisted. Went to PCP, nothing found wrong. Said I was probably depressed. How frustrating. I knew something was wrong. Sent to cardiologist as my heart rate was higher than it normally was. Had Echocardiogram which was normal. Sent to neurologist. Had MRI which was normal. Said I had probable Fibromyalgia. My Aunt, who is a nurse, said it sounded like Lymes & suggested a doctor to me. That's when I finally got a diagnosis. Let me say that I have had a bad case of rosacea (or that's what the seem said, I questioned that) for about 4 yrs. I've always had clear skin. At the time of onset of getting really sick, I tool a weeks dose of steroids to treat nerve pain in my shoulder & arm. I have since read that steroid use is VERY BAD for people with Lyme. I think I must've had Lyme for awhile, but my symptoms didn't get my attention until I took the steroids. Does that make sense?
I am on 300mg doxy daily & Nystatin.
I was not tested for any co-infections. My doc said that all of the co-infections were treated with Doxy so no need to test. The only exception is Babesia which has specific symptoms that he doesn't think I have.
I've read numerous times how important it is to be tested and treated for co-infections. It's key to getting better.
I am also following a gluten free, dairy free, sugar limited diet.
I take the following supplements:
Dulse, chlorella, Wobenzyme, potassium, lithium, B-12, pro-omegas & a probiotic.

What's are your thoughts?
Am I missing something?

My Western Blot showed positive for IGM
Bands 18 *
23-25 **
39 *
41 **
Negative for IGG
The only band that showed anything was 41*

Over the last month pain in my shoulders have gotten pretty bad. Is that normal?

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