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Thanks for your help everyone! My dr gave me order to get tested for Lyme. I got some additional labs back yesterday and tested Positive for ANA and my RNP was High. Not sure exactly what this means althought i know it means autoimmune disease...anyone have any thoughts on which type though?? could ANA be postive with Lyme? I also have thyroid issues..multinodular goiter and thyroglossal cyst. getting thyroid nuclear scan in the morning...could that be part of this?
The ANA test was just a screening, so it will undoubtedly be repeated with a titer to determine how highly positive it is. The RNP is barely positive, as under 1.0 is undetectable (neg). It would be best to have the lab run the titer on the serum they still have. I would ask Drs office if they can "add on" a titer and pattern while the lab still has your blood. They usually keep it one week for such purposes.

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