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I am 77 years old and live in Georgia. In June of 2011, I visited a lake area with my family. About a week later, I noticed an itching on my back, right under my shoulder blade. I had my daughter look, and it was a tick. She removed it and we thought nothing else about it. About two weeks or so later, the lower part of my legs had this bright red rash and my ankles were swollen. I went to my doctor and he said it was a reaction from the sun and my blood pressure medication.

A few months later I began having intense joint pain and fatigue. I have lupus, and I just assumed that was causing the symptoms. This went on for some time and then I developed intense itching and pain in my lymph glands in my groin area. My doctor ordered a colonoscopy, which was normal. I began having horrible leg cramps at night and was prescribed klonopin for that. I kept having the joint and muscle pain. Some days could hardly function. I went from one doctor to another and had blood work; CT Scans; ultrasounds; x-rays, and no diagnosis. I finally started researching online and when I ran across Lyme Disease, I discovered that I had all of the symptoms.

I found a doctor and had the Western Blot test which was positive for Lyme Disease. I was negative for any co-infections. It amazes me that not one so-called specialist ever considered testing me for Lyme Disease. One doctor even inferred that I was a hypochondriac.

I have geen prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate, 400 mg. per day, which I cannot tolerate. Stomach pains, continuous nausea and itching caused me to stop the medication. Would be interested in hearing similar experiences and other options as to medications.

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