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Hi Everyone,

I'm in NYC. I've been sick for over 4 years now. I was diagnosed just recently with Meniere's -- which I definitely have -- and Fibromyalgia.
It's possible that I really do have fibro, too but I feel like there's some core cause of these things. My neuro thought I had MS or a brain tumor but my MRI came back normal. My doctor had me tested for Lyme -- which came out negative -- but won't sign off for the Igenix test that I ordered. I have the kit here but yeah... she won't do it.

My symptoms are: advanced meniere's: my vestibular system on my left ear is totally out, the right is barely there so my balance is awful. The nerve that stabilizes our vision when we are moving around is out -- so when I walk everything is moving with my movement. I get bad nystagmus, too. I get the drop attacks -- acute Meniere's -- when suddenly I get an electrical wave sensation through my head and I fall down. Then my vision is strange and I can't really tell where I am. It will also trigger the nystagmus and I sleep for a couple of days. Sensitivity to loud noises at times, ear pressure and pain, ringing in the ears, sometimes I can't hear very well -- all sounds blend when there's background noise.

I get a lot of body pain, too. My wrists feel like they're broken at times, and they ache and my arms ache, too. I get numbness in my fingers. My knees ache, feet hurt when I first get up. I'm weak, drop things out of my hands all the time. I'm forgetful, have to search for words or things I know for a long time - very frustrating. And my energy is so low. I might have a couple of decent hours a day but then I'm out of it tired.

It's been awful to say the least. I've had such a hard time functioning. I found this board yesterday and wanted to reach out to see what you guys thought about my symptoms and if it sounded like it could be Lyme. Also I'm in NYC and looking for resources.

Thank you for reading & responding!

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