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I've had symtoms for over 3 years. Doctor ran Western blot in 12/2012 and I was positive only for IgM 23. He said that was sufficient for a positivie diagnosis given my symptoms, etc. I wasn't so sure and he suggested following up with IGenix. The IGenix results just came back - these are only only month apart but the results are quite different. Any feedback on this would be very helpful. I am allergic to penicillin so treatment options aren't as good. I don't want to waste time treating something if it's not the issue.
Why would the band that was positive on the LabCorp test not show up on the IGenix report?

LabCorp Western Blot: IgM 23 (all other bands negative as well as IgG)
CDC 57 was at 51.

IGenix: IgM 41 (39 was Ind.)
IgG 30 and 41 positive (34 Ind.)

My symptoms are getting worse (or different). In the last few weeks have started having chronic ringing in the ears and weird pressure headaches - different form what I usually have had.

Thanks for any feedback on these labs and whether this seems like a strong indicator for a positive diagnosis.

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