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[COLOR="Teal"]Hi Oliverbenny, Lyme is not a once size fits all. We all display different symptoms and it hits all of us differently. You can have the borrelia bacteria and it goes into remission only to flare out later in life, due to some other illness or stress. It mimics over 300 conditions.

I have a couple family members that were told they had lyme. After each one got preganant it went into remission. Two of them when they have bouts of stress it came back. One is does not work.
None of them listen to me of course. :) And their kids have medical problems.
One does pass it on to their babies.

The fibro diagnoises is what most of us get. Fibro is a label for symptoms. We each have to find out what is causeing the pain. There are different things that cause it, such as viruses, bacterial, heavy metals ect.

Candida can be caused from medications, anti-botics is not the only culprit, it is a over growth of yeast. Grape fruit seed exctract is good for it. Taking pro biotics, and staying away from sugars and breads with yeast in it.

With Lyme there are co-infections that should be tested for, such as Eptstein Barr, Cytomeglovirus, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma Pnumoniae, Chlamydia Pnumoniae, ect ect. Remember testing is not accurate for any of it. Seeing a LLMD is a must.

Hope you find your answers!


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