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Igenex lab results
Mar 12, 2013
Hi guys,

I got my test results back today. I'm negative according to the CDC and Igenex criterias but I still think my results are significant. What do you think? Do you think I have Lyme?

IgM: Negative for both CDC and Igenex

31 IND
41 IND

IgG: Negative for both CDC and Igenex

31 IND
39 IND
41 +

I have read online some consider IND a small yes and significant.

Dr. Charles Crist thinks even one band is significant enough for treatment.

I feel I could take some antibiotics and retest and possible turn some negatives/IND into positives.

When retesting after taking antibiotics to see if more antibodies turn up, is it the case too when you do natural treatments? I would think so but just want to double check.

How soon after treatment should you retest? I'm asking what the window is if there is one. I don't have a doctor so my plan was to try and treat it naturally and retest in 6 months. I say 6 months cause I can't afford another test so soon. Do you think the second test would be helpful 6 months later? Is it true you can be cured of Lyme but still have antibodies for it? If that's the case maybe testing 6 months later is fine?

I have recently started taking MMS and a couple drops of Thieves oil a day. I was just going to see how it goes. If unsuccessful I was thinking of trying Samento and Banderol. I would prefer natural over antibiotics since I already have systemic candida badly. I'm treating myself as I don't know of a doctor who is LLMD. I know of a couple good naturopaths that the President of Canlyme told me about but I can't afford to see one right now. Where I live (Vancouver, BC) they are opening a new clinic for CFS/FM/Lyme. I asked my doctor for a referral today and she wants to send me to a Infectious Disease specialist instead so I was disappointed as I doubt he will be able to help me. So I have to jump through that hoop first before pressing her again about the clinic.

I've had CFS/FM for 25+ years. I suffer from hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, candida, heavy metals and recently through energetic testing I found out I have a big mold toxin problem and two types of staph infections, a handful of viruses and parasites/worms pllus lyme and co-infections (babesia and bartonella) and other minor problems. For years I have been trying to treat candida and got nowhere. I had heard many times in the last few years if you have candida you probably have parasites as well so have been taking stuff for that as well. The energetic testing I did, was just out of curiosity to see if Lyme would show up on it because it's something I've never ruled out. I asked my doctor if she would test me for that and Lupus and she wouldn't! I was a bit surprised that Lyme did showed up on the test though! But I guess this is good so I know what I'm dealing with. I did a little bit of research on Lyme before but figured my chance of having it was low since I didn't live in a wooded area and I had no bulls eye rash. Now I know you don't have to have these things to have Lyme. Another reason why I didn't have it is I have seen close to 30 doctors and NOT ONE bothered to test me for Lyme, including a Infectious Disease specialist! All he did was tell me I needed to go to some small island somewhere and live in a cabin! This also reminds me of another doctor who told me my health problems were all in my head! Why do doctors not listen to patients when patients know they're bodies (and they symptoms they feel) better than the doctor? Why are there so many ignorant doctors? I feel so let down by the medical community. :( I should NOT have to SUFFER this long!

I've suffered way to long with pain, fatigue, candida and other infections plus heavy metals etc. I always felt so poisoned. I have learned recently I have to detox the mold toxins first before anything else or I won't be able to rid myself of my other problems.

I decided to do Igenex testing on my own and my doctor went along with it. It would be nice to be diagnosed properly so that I could seek treatment though I know finding an LLMD is hard. There aren't many in my area. I have found out in British Columbia (I'm in Vancouver area) Lyme cases are vastly under reported and misdiagnosed. Doctors are not knowledgeable about it at all. And like most other docs if they get a negative on the Elisa they don't investigate further and if they do the Western Blot the test here only tests a couple strains.

I would appreciate any advice you have.



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