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My daughter had a tick byte June 24, 2011 and since then presents a complex picture. I would greatly appreciate any insight/feedbacks you might have. She is being treated my some very knowledgeable doctors with Lyme and Pandas but still presents a lot of unknowns.

Tested Lyme/Co-infections(9.13.11) IgM: Pos Band39/41 IgG: Neg
Bartenella Henselae/Bart Quintanea(11.26.11) Culture 256/64

She was treated for Lyme with Amoxicillen for 4 months/Tindamax on weekends for two months

Igenex Test for Lyme: IgG: Band 41 pos IgM Band 39 pos(Band 31,41,83-93 Ind)
Called Dr. Harris at Igenex Lab for Interpretation. He said since there were
no other bands present, she was negative for Lyme)

Developed facial tics- 11/2012
Mycoplasma IgM: 10/31/12 (1258) 12/31/12 980 3/1 932
IgG: 10/31/12 (105) 12/31/12 113 3/1 less 100
Lyme: IgG/IgM negative

Possible Diagnosis Pans(Seeing Dr. Trifiletti-New Jersey)

(Nov.Dec) Treated for Bartenella Rifampin,Zithromax- No change

Facial tics seem to lessen/stop if I stop the magnesium. Has anyone experienced this? I know it's unusual as Magnesium is suppose to help facial tics.

Lyme Test (5.01.2013) IgG Band p18/58 pos
IgM Band p 41 (only one band)

TGF-Beta 1 levels 26,620

I am seeing Dr. Trifilitti who is considering Pans although she doesn't fit the typical profile. There is a commercial test that will be available next month
so she will be tested. Can anyone shed any insights as to why her IgG is now positive? Isn't IgG the sign of a chronic infection? From reading the posts and
research I have done, I am thinking that because Lyme goes in cycles, it may not have shown in her bloodwork(IgM) and is now chronic.Her neurotoxin levels
are off the charts.(TGF Beta 1 26,620)Could that be from Lyme? Another concern is her MycoplasmaIgM levels are still pos and not going down by much. I am wondering if she may have been reinfected.

I would love any feedback or shared experiences.

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