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I was bitten by a tick in April of 2011 and found a tick in my upper L shoulder blade.. pulled it out myself and it came apart in pieces..

3 days later I woke up with the worst fever, sweating profusely and couldn't get warm. Stayed in bed wrapped in a blanket and didn't feel well for a month! I had Malaria like symptoms for 2 months and then during that time I thought "well, maybe its a tooth issue.."

Started taking Keflex for it and it helped some but the sx all came back after i stopped.

Then It dawned on me about the tick.. I did research and was so sick at this point. this is like 2 months later.. I immediately started myself on doxy 400- 600 mg a day and it helped finally!

I had a paralyzed intestinal tract that was finally free! AFter increasing to 600mg a day.. following Dr Barrascano's protocal.

But since then I haven't had a feeling of wellbeing since.

I have been going down hill since then. This year I was dx with low thyroid, adrenal insufficiency, a loud ringing in my ears, no energy to do anything whatsoever.

Hypoglycemia, vision loss that comes and goes. It's so scary..
I have low sex hormones at 49... and it isn't getting any better.

I'm wondering if I should start on doxy again? I haven't had a positive test for the lymes but the Dr said back then it was 'Textbook' with the symptoms.

help>>??? I"m so confused as to what to treat first... sucks..

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