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I think you have lyme. You must go to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) immediately. I see one in Fairfield Ct. His prices are reasonable. Most of them don't take insurance. But regular drs don't know anything about Lyme. Also, you have to get your blood tested from a company in California, Igenix. They will send you the kit. You need a script from your dr and go to a lab with the kit. I hope this helps. LaLa
Hi Dylan,

I felt compelled to register and reply to your post upon reading your symptoms and the recent post date. It's been a difficult journey for myself and my 24yr old daughter who has suffered terribly for the past six months with many, if not all of the symptoms you've described (aside from the concert incident). She lived a healthy lifestyle, lived independently, and worked full-time in a successful position and had to move home last fall because of debilitating symptoms. Just yesterday, she received a positive test for Lyme's disease and will now start treatment. This follows many months of emergency room visits for some very frightening symptoms with either misdiagnosis or no diagnosis. Her medical professional contacts grew to include numerous professionals, many for second opinions (neurologists, cardiologists, naturopath, ear/nose/throat, occupational therapists, etc.) beyond our family doctor as we kept pressing for help.

It's my understanding that Lyme disease testing may show negative results if at the time of testing, the body has not developed antibodies against the disease. It's also my understanding that another condition i.e. head injury/concussion symptoms, may lower the body's resistance to the (any) illness. With your head injury, teasing apart the symptoms may be more complicated, but as you say, your symptom history predated the facial/head injury. My daughter was/is describing the symptoms you report and was asked repeatedly if she suffered a head injury, which she hadn't. The Igenix lab completed the tests.

Please share this post with your parents as you see fit in support of seeking further testing for you.

Take care.


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