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Hi all,

I'm a little stuck on what is going on with me so I'm going to take sometime to describe whats been happening to me. Please bare with me as its been a good amount of time and I may forget some significant details.

Alright so first let me give you a brief over view of my life:

I was a boyscout for about 6 years. So I had a lot've exposure to the woods

I live in the boonies.

I have been "sick" for about 2 1/2 years

So it all started years ago with what I thought was a bad "bug". I was throwing up for a week and felt fluish where it resulted in blacking out in my own vomit and going to the hospital. After getting the IV, I began to feel exceptionally better and returned home.

Not long after that I began to feel tired almost all the time and muscles began twitching everywhere. After doing my online research and remembering scouts coming back covered in ticks, I decided it was a good idea to go talk to my doctor. When I went in for a sick visit, I didn't see my doctor, I saw one of the nurse practitioners there where she stated "Nothing that you are saying to me is related to lyme". At that point I was like hmm.. well I guess what I read was false. I returned home and lived like that for a while with no sign of recovering.

Yet again I made an appointment with my doctor and I begged him to test me for lyme along with a number of other blood tests, This was july of 2011 I believe. All tests came back normal.

Around this time I began experiencing a lot of stomach issues, with constipation and acid reflux. The doctor said that maybe that week i got sick did so much on my stomach that it was hard to recover. This is where i started my first miralax and acid reducer diet. With no results. I went back to him and we tried a few other medicines that didnt work, he decided to have a stomach tube down my throat and pump fluids down my throat to "unclog" my intestines.

a while after that(this past summer) I began to recieve joint pain. Then I went to see a Rheumatoid Specialist, This was after I had been diagnosed with mono by the way. But I had the joint pain before Mono. I just dealt with it. When he said that I probably still had an infection linguring around in my system and I had chronic fatigue syndrome or something of that nature. He wanted to prescribe me with sleep meds, when the by standing nurse said thats not necessary.

So, SO FAR, I have chronic stomach & esophageal issues , Joint pain and fatigue and troubled concentration .

Now alopecia!, SO not only am I miserable from being tired and not feeling well, Now i'm losing my hair and continue to lose hair to this day.

After this I began to feel hotter. When I worked I felt hot continuosly as I worked It felt as though it was getting harder and harder to work.I struggled to finish the job at hand.

So come December 30th, I made my biggest mistake. I decided to go to a concert of the hardcore genre of music. I was out on the floor enjoying one of the opening bands before the main act I was knocked unconscious. how? I have no idea, as the incident left me with no recollection of what happened but the next thing I remember is my friend dragging me out, me slowly gaining consciousness with anger and confusion. When I fully regained my composure. I looked for a mirror to see what had happened to me. I went to the bathroom with my friend, but NO MIRRORS! My friend then bought me a hotdog which I ate with blood dripping into it (fun stuff).

After all this I went to speak to a paramedic, because the staff was not aware of my incident until now. The paramedic asked me questions to see if i had a bad concussion I answered them successfully and he said I could head back in. At this point In time I decided to take upon myself to call my mom because I didnt think it was a good Idea to go back.

She picked me up took me to the hospital where they found I had a broken nose(maxilla region) and a pretty busted up lip, but other than that my brain looked fine and I should be ok.

Right after that I went right back to work and school. No real issues just an odd shocked feeling. I hung out with my friends. I drove. I did pretty much everything I normally did. Till a couple weaks later. Wheere I started to get an over all feeling of being ill and pressure(which would later be called a headache) in my head. I thought it was sinus pressure. I was then diagnosed with a sinus infection and inner infection. Anti biotics didnt heal these issues.

I went to a hospital, one of the better one's around, where they diagnosed me with Post Concussive Syndrome. Stating that it could last from 2 weeks a year and gave us very little indication of what to look out for and when I should be worried. SO this was very stressful.

One night i had pins and needles all over the left side of my body, Struggled speaking, Had a dry mouth. I THOUGHT I WAS HAVING STROKE. But my mom told me to go back to sleep which was pretty much non existant at this point.

SO I went back to the hospital and got admidted where they did MRI's with and without contrast, CT's with contrast and xrays and an EMG, to make sure I wasnt having seizures or stroke.

They sent me home saying we still think you have post concussive syndrome it can last 2 weeks to a year but dont return to your daily routines until you feel 100% better. Well 4 months later my symptoms have stayed the same and worsened. Ive had painful twitching on the back of my head. Myoclonic Jerks, what appears to be occipital and parietal nueropathy where theres pain in my eye wrist and elbow and numb pinkies and numb pinky toes an stinging in the tip of my penis. burning in my legs and arms. Now i cant tell whether my limbs are cold or not because they always feel warm but when I touch with my hand they feel cold

So now im left with no doctors note, unexcused school absences, and all these annoying issues that make everyday dreadful

My theory: I've had lyme disease causing all those issues and getting all these neurological symptoms quicker as a result of getting hit in the face.

For those who read this im sorry it took so long. and I hope you can help me

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