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[COLOR="Teal"]There is a thread above, Lyme has a list of the bands and what they mean. 23 is specific for Borrelia (lyme).

This is what happens to all of us going to doctors that do not know a thing about borrelia and the co infections that can come with it. Testing is NOT accurate for borrelia and any of the co infections. There are too many strains for the labs to do the testing for. The bacteria does not like oxygen and hides in tissue. So hard to get it to show in the blood. There are other reasons too. And as you are seeing one time some bands show and other times other bands show. crazy stuff.

YES Lyme is in Georgia, it is all over the world. It is the number one fastest growing infectious disease. It is even higher than Aids and west niles.
It would do you good to search out a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. A (LLMD). Lyme specialist. It is good to stay away from infectious disease doctors, UNLESS they have had trainging to deal with these diseases. Babesia, Bartonella, on and on, (Lyme)

There is a thread above on how to Share LLD names. Because of political reasons, we can not put their names on the board.
Also from where you are sitting you might find a Lyme support group in your city, county, state. There could be a contact name and number. Possibly they could share a LLMD name with you.

From what I know now, and have been through. I would recommend you stop going to doctors that haven't a clue. You have the symptoms. and some bands. I would run to a LLMD and get going on a good treatment plan for you.

wishing you all the best.

p.s It is in the syphlis family. It is a stronger bacteria than it's cousin and harder to eradicate.


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