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Thank you for your response. I've used all my financial resources on millions of tests this past year. So, my Dr. ordered the tests through LabCorp for now to see what would come back, because they are covered by my insurance.
All the Lyme/Rocky Mountain Fever test came back normal except 1: IgM P23 Ab. came back Abnormal & Present. Which I looked on this site & it says:
23-25 outer surface protein C (OspC), specific for Bb

What is Bb?

And the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever IgM - although it says normal, ranges are 0.00-0.89 and I came back .38. If I didn't have this wouldn't it be 0.00?

Also w/in a matter of 2 weeks of getting blood drawn my Hemogloben, Hematocrit, and RBC went from Normal to High.

Abs.CD8-CD57 + Lymphs & % CD8-CD57 Lymphs are low.

I haven't followed up with Dr. yet - Just pulled results from Labcorp Website.

I also researched on this site the list of symptoms. I have all but 4.
So, this is some sort of strain of Lyme, right? And I probably have passed it down to my 4 children?
Why in the hell is this not a routine testing????? I've been sick all these years & have baffled Drs. And have been told basically I'm crazy - anxiety/stress/depression.

Even the Cleveland Clinic neurology ordered several tests "just in case", but Dr basically told me I needed to see a psychiatrist.

I have no more money! Is there any hope? I'm hearing LLD are being shut down because insurance companies don't want to pay. Sorry. I'm relieved to know, but at the same time this is very overwhelming.

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