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I contracted Lyme in 2007 and was not diagnosed until late 2010 when my feet suddenly started going numb and would get sharp pains in them. My first thought was diabetes. After all the test my doctor ran everything came up negative so he sent me to a neurologist. After six more months of testing they finally got a positive Lyme test. I started treatment in early 2011 with 3 weeks of I.V antibiotics, however my legs up to my knees tingled all the time or I couldn't walk due to my ankles always hurting and my finger tips stayed numb. They started me on Lyrica, Amitriptyline and Topamax to try and help it and for a while it did. Over the past two months however my legs have begun going numb up to my upper thighs and my arms tingle past my elbows. My knees now feel like I have pieces of concrete rubbing together inside of them. I cannot seem to stay awake either, so I went back to the doctor last week for more testing. My PCP called today and said all the test he ran came back "ok". My B12 was low (even though a take a 1000mg shot once every two weeks). I don't know if I should try and find a LLMD in my area (which according to our infectious disease doctor this disease is not in this area). Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?


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