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Hello all! I am new to HB and I am looking for some insight on what might be going on with me. I am sorry this is so long but I want to be thorough, I am really in need of some help because my DR is clueless as to whats going on with me and I am only getting worse in my symptoms.

It started out with me having some horrible problems with MSG this past year. Anything I ate that had MSG gave me terrible palpitations for hours. Eliminating that from my diet has since fixed that issue. Starting in early November, I started having horrible back pain and nausea as well as pain under my ribs. I got checked out for gallbladder disease, gallstones, and pregnancy. I visited the hospital numerous times, of which they prescribed me different meds like Omeprazole, Protonix, and Zoloft because they thought i had bad anxiety. I was also given muscle relaxants. I am allergic to the first two and I went into what I believe is seritonin syndrome from the zoloft. I had horrible fits, dizziness, migraines, syncope, etc and it went away as soon as I finished withdrawal from the meds. The only thing that remotely helped a little with the nausea was peppermint tea, and zofran. It came back as soon as I ran out of zofran and so back to the ER I went because I thought my stomach was being ripped out. Did an abdominal CT scan, with contrast, and everything looked ok so they diagnosed me with severe Gastritis. Changing my diet helped a lot, but between the 2 months this all happened I went from 155lbs down to 127 which I am still at currently. I wasnt able to eat barely anything for around the entire time. The night after the CT scan I had something scary happen, I was craving water intensely, so much that I went through about a gallon of water overnight, and peeing every couple hours. I couldnt sleep and always felt my pulse everywhere, this was due to my blood pressure. Since that episode, I am having severe hypoglycemic episodes after meals and trying to limit my carbs help a little but i am becoming intolerant to really anything. I was given fluids at the ER back in february for dehydration, and they found out that I am passing sugar in my urine. From there my DR was thinking maybe I had diabetes! So we do the tests for that, and everything comes out good. All of my blood tests have been good except for my Vitamin D3 which was low. I had parasthesia sometimes in my mouth and fingers and toes, but it went away for awhile but it is now creeping back. It only happens after meals or if I get very hungry. If I drink too much water or eat too many sweets I get a very salty taste in my mouth and my eyes dry up to where it feels like I have sandpaper in there. I have poor circulation in my legs, which improves if I exercise but only temporarily. Its really starting to bother me with all of these problems I am having. Lately I have begun getting leg cramps, pain in my left shoulder sometimes, a crawling sensation in my calves when I lie down, and my newest symptom is the feeling of water drips on the back of my legs and sometimes on my neck or back. This mostly occurs when I am walking or working. This is progrssively getting worse in the past couple of days and I am contemplating on calling the DR again but I dont know what else we can look for. My liver has checked out fine, pancreas looks good, good A1C at 5.1, my electrolytes are good, so I am at a loss of what else to look at. Im suspecting lyme disease because last year i did get lots of bug bites as i love the outdoors, and its one of the few things I havent looked into yet. other than that are there any muscular problems that could cause all of my symptoms? I forgot lately I also get weakness in my legs upon standing in the mornings.

I am beginning to suspect maybe some sort of another vitamin deficiency or an auto immune disease as well. I am just at such a loss right now.

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