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I have too have arm pain with my Lyme disease. The pain is far worse in my left arm than my right one and starts in my shoulder, deep under my arm and goes all the way to my wrist and fingers. Many nights my arm and hand are literally clawed from the pain. My entire arm aches from the muscle craps,burning tingles and steady deep pain centered from just above my elbow down to my finger nails. For some odd reason the entire left side of my body is affected worse than the right side with joint/muscle pain and the spasms at night. Nights are seemingly endless with the muscle contractures and temp spikes. It seems that the worse my pain is the higher my body temp goes. Every joint hurts at once from my shoulder and neck down to my toes. There are times even during the daytime I can barely move my arm or walk because of the pain,stiffness and heavyness in leg(legs). When I am having what I call "the spasms" any movement is extremely painfull.
So far the only thing that has ever brought me any relief has been really warm towels wrapped around my arm and/or legs and it only last a few minutes at best.
I have found that taking any OTC pain relievers makes the pain far worse and my RX pain killers do not help either.
Nal and Seablisse, I am very sorry for what you are going through because I too suffer the same symptoms and know how painful and miserable it is. It scares me to hear that antibiotics have not helped because I have an appointment with an Infectious Disease doctor in two weeks to begin my antibiotic therapy and I was praying that I was finally going to get relief after a year of going through this misery.

In the last year I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto, low testosterone and other things by doctors until an Endo doctor finally diagnosed me with Lyme disease a few weeks ago. For me, the right side of my body has been affected- my right eye, the right side of my neck and throat. My right shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers. My right kidney, right leg, knee and bottom of foot. My left side is not without pain.

My question to each of you is if you have been tested for vitamin D deficiency. It is very common with people with Lyme disease and from what the doctor told me, the lack of sufficient vitamin D in the body doesnít allow the body to absorb the calcium so the calcium gets deposited (accumulates) on the neck, joints, and kidneys which makes them inflamed on top of the inflammation from the Lyme making things worse. It also prevents absorption of magnesium and potassium so then the bones hurt. My doctor also said that even when we are tested for Magnesium levels that if there is no vitamin D to help absorb it that your body canít use what is there. The doctor prescribed vitamin D2 supplements but my body went crazy with stomach issues, jitteriness, anxiety and fast heart rate so I stopped taking it. I am going to buy vitamin D3 instead and start with a low dose and see if I can tolerate it.

Your point that animal protein makes the pain worse is an interesting observation. For me, I found that nuts, soy (any form) and any type of sugar makes my symptoms worse. I do eat a lot of chicken so I will cut down on it and see if it helps.

In the last two weeks I have been feeling a little bit better (very minimal but I will take any improvement) by spending an hour after work in the front porch getting some sun. I have also been drinking at least two glasses of diet Cranberry juice a day in the hopes that it helps my immune system. I have also started to take fish oil because I heard that it helps too.

I would love to hear from you on any remedies or anything that you have found that makes you feel better.

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