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I have recently started 6 weeks IV Rocephin treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease (I will probably go on to get 3-6months worth of treatment if symptoms persist due to ILADS recommendations). I have researched quite a bit and have read about the importance of cystbusters such as Flagyl, Plaquenil, Tinidizole etc. As far as I know the Rocephin will kill Borrelia burgdorferi in the spirochete form but it does not target Bb in its cystic form which could very possibly lead to a relapse of symptoms upon completion of the Rocephin.

I would really appreciate any information anyone could share on their own personal treatment or knowledge that they have of Lyme treatment with an abx combined with drugs such as Flagyl (they're called a Nitroimidazoles). I've heard of people taking Rocephin combined with Flagyl ranging from 100mg daily for a week, up to 1500mg daily for a month and even more. I guess I would just like to gather some Lyme literate info on how long drugs like Flagyl are usually given and at what dosage.

I've finally started treatment that could end my ongoing extreme fatigue +other endless symptoms and I would really like to treat this as progressively and best as I can. Thanks!

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