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[COLOR="Green"]DoodleFang, I was on pic line Rocephin for 7 months many years ago. And Flagyl. I honestly can't say that it did me any good. But when I finally got treatment I was a mess and hard for him to figure out. I wound up having gallbladder attack and pancreatic attack at the same time. The doc had me do a homeopathic gallbladder flush and I saved my gallbladder. I sense have learned Rocephin is the hardest antibiotic on us.

Just to let you know, I had to change combinations of antibiotics over the years. And then there were times I went back to doing something that I had already tried. LLMD's say to treat 3 to 4 months after all symptoms are gone.

There are many supplements that should be done along with treatment for Lyme and co-infections. And detoxing is a MUST to rid dead bacteria.

I have been on many types of protocols alternative and western med. I am still symptomatic. BUT am better.

I hope you heal quickly.


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